About us . . .

We are insurance claims professionals dedicated to serving insuranceclaims professionals.

We give you individuals with more than 23 years experience in the insurance claims industry as claims examiners, adjusters, supervisors, trainers, and specialists.

In early 1992 we brought our experience together and established Adams & Associates, Inc. . .

Fully Staffed Offices

Stevens Point
Eau Claire

Resident Adjuster & Appraiser


AS A TRUE INDEPENDENT firm we do not have a limited territory which gives us the ability to handle your field claims assignments in any location.

MULTI-LINE CLAIMS SERVICES eases your tasks to make only one call to us. We will provide you with multi-line claims handling on any full or partial assignment.

OUR CLAIMS PERSONNEL is experienced in field and office claims. We offer you adjusters, appraisers, and specialists with extensive experience that truly "checks out."

WE ARE NEVER CLOSED. Our telephone lines, fax and email are monitored for 24 hour, 7-day, availability for emergency and after hours claims service.

WE ARE MEMBERS of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters and listed in A. M. Best. Qualifications for these memberships are rigid, involving review of financial stability, quality of claims service, and the honesty and integrity in the way their members do business.

WE ARE ALSO AFFILIATED MEMBERS of the Wisconsin River Valley Claims Association and Mid-Wisconsin Risk Managers.

ALL BILLINGS for investigative work are itemized with the adjuster's actual work hours to review. We pro-rate when in the field on any two or more assignments.

EVERY ONE OF OUR CLIENTS IS A VALUED CUSTOMER. We are in business of serving your claims needs. We strive to meet the practice of a good work product at a consistently fair price.

SPECIAL PRICING in addition to our already competitive fees, gives you another way to lower the cost of your field claims services. You don't have to negotiate with us for our lowest rates. Based on volume, we automatically include it.

THE MULTIMEDIA EQUIPMENT, software, programs, and digital equipment in our office is the newest available, that allows us to meet your electronic requirements.

WE HAVE ACCESS TO TRANSLATORS of several different dialects to assist you with your field claim involving different languages.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call us, or send us an email at info@adams-claims.com

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